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Sharing some of our favorite camper gear, must-haves, and some ridiculous items that just make our travels a bit more enjoyable. Unless stated otherwise, every item shared is something we have used and/or own ourselves. Our recommendations are based on our opinions and use cases… but we hope you enjoy them, too!

This post contains affiliate links. If you use these links to make a purchase, we may earn a commission at no cost to you.

Camper Basics

Not always glamorous, these are some of the basic items that we acquired when moving from tent camping to a travel trailer.

My first recommendation would be to get a surge protector for your camper. I’d share the one that we use, but I can’t find it online anymore, but it would be best to get one that works with the amp requirements of your camper.

Leveling & Stabilizers

Something we didn’t have to think about to the same extent when tent camping. We needed blocks to stack and level the camper when parked, wheel chocks, and block risers. The latter were more for convenience; depending on our site we might spend a lot of time lowering the stabilizers, or find we didn’t have enough blocks left over from leveling the camper.

Tank Supplies

Alright, getting into the tanks. Fresh, grey, and black. The filter helps with the fresh water tank while the other hoses and tools are focused on the black water tank.

Misc. Basics

While an outdoor floor mat isn’t a necessity, it can definitely help to prevent additional dirt and debris from entering your camper. We have a fairly large one (shown in the picture below), but we don’t always open it to the full size. Sometimes we’ll only unfold it to 1/3 of the size depending on what our camper is resting on or space between any other campsite features. It’s easy to pack up, comes with a storage bag, and due to the weave, sand doesn’t get trapped in it.

I also keep the inside of the camper clean with an extendable broom that folds up compact. We can easily store it right by the entryway of the camper with a Command broom holder. I also splurged on a small, hand-held vacuum that holds a charge and easily stores under one of our front benches.


I’ve shared in a previous post that we use Beddy’s for our main bed, and sleeping bags for the kids. I love the ease of setting up and making our Beddy and the sizing is generous depending on your mattress size.